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Free Consultation and Demonstration

SpeechPros will provide a free consultation for businesses and individuals who are interested in learning more about the services we provide.  This consultation includes a demonstration of our assessment and training materials and an overview of what to expect from our customized accent training programs.   Our goal is to provide a program that meets your needs and/or the needs of your organization.



Comprehensive Evaluation

Programs typically begin with a comprehensive evaluation to define the specific speech and language issues that are affecting the client’s communicative success. The process includes formal and informal testing measures, analysis, documentation and communication of results and recommendations.  Audio and sometimes video tape recordings are utilized.  In addition, specific client needs and goals including those of the client’s employer/supervisor (if applicable) are discussed.   Total time for the Comprehensive Evaluation is approximately 1˝ hours.  Expert analysis of recorded speech and communication is completed prior to the first training session and results are provided in writing to the client and/or a workplace contact/supervisor.


Specifically, the evaluation looks for patterns of errors with:

  • Pronunciation of vowels and consonants

  • syllable stress and intonation patterns

  • rate of speech

  • ability to hear subtle differences in the sounds of American English

  • appropriate use of English language

  • grammatical errors


Training Program

Following the Comprehensive Evaluation, a personalized program is developed based on the specific needs of the client.  A typical training program includes:

  • Weekly training sessions at your place of employment (alternatives available if needed)

  • Pronunciation training including professional terminology applicable to the participant's workplace vocabulary

  • A comprehensive set of practice exercises customized to your communication environment

  • A comprehensive set of practice exercises in a CD-ROM or cassette tape format

  • A recorded re-evaluation at the end of the program to assess improvement

  • A self-study program for continuing improvement after completion of the course

  • Individualized final summary of employee's progress to supervisor (if applicable)

  • A 50% improvement in speech production

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