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Accent Modification/Accent Reduction Training for Business Professionals and Executives

Accent modification is a speech and communication training program designed to improve the production of English speech sounds and increase communication skills in the business environment.  Accent Modification Training builds on existing English language skills.  It is assumed that the enrollee has had English vocabulary and grammar training.  Accent modification primarily addresses the production and intonation of speech to improve the effectiveness of communication.  In addition, enhancement of language comprehension is addressed through auditory discrimination training and by educating the client about idioms and slang commonly heard in the workplace.


SpeechPros provides individualized accent modification programs in 1:1 and group training formats that address the pronunciation of specific vowels and consonants and, more importantly, the intonation (or melody) of American English.  (Intonation carries 60% of the meaning of what you say).  The goal of Accent Modification is to develop higher level communication skills resulting in greater speaking confidence and proficiency.  The newly learned abilities remove the focus from how a person speaks to what a person is saying so that they can become more effective communicators.



Accent Modification/Accent Reduction Training for Medical Professionals

According to JCAHO, over 60% of medical errors resulting in death or injury are due to errors in communication (LA County Business Journal 9/02).  Because of the critical need for effective, efficient, and accurate communication in the medical setting, SpeechPros offers a unique accent modification program designed specifically for medical professionals.  This training program focuses on improving the production of Standard American English while concentrating on the words, sentences, and expressions common to the daily practice of medicine.

This program is designed for international medical students and graduates, medical residents, fellows, and attending physicians, research physicians, nurses, and any other medical professionals who speak accented English and desire to be understood more easily. Pronunciation of specific vowels and consonants of American English will be addressed and clients will learn how to more effectively interview patients and communicate essential medical information by adjusting their intonation.



Presentation Training

We offer ”just-in-time” training designed to prepare our clients for their next speaking assignment:

  • Sales presentations
  • Inservice presentations
  • Informational speech
  • Training – internal or external
  • Key-note speeches
  • Community or Service Organization presentation


We provide expert pronunciation and intonation advice feedback during rehearsal to guarantee that material will be easily understood by the intended audience.  We address specific speech sounds, the tone and stress appropriate for getting points across, gestures and body position that support the information and the emotions intended.

We will assist in the development of the material by:

  • Reviewing the content for proper American English syntax and grammar
  • Suggesting vocabulary and business idioms appropriate to the topic, audience and the desired outcomes
  • Assisting with the organization of the material for maximizing audience interest and comprehension



Cross-Cultural Communication Training

Linguistic and multicultural diversity in the United States is on a steady climb.  In the year 2000, 18 percent of persons in the USA (nearly 13 percent of the workforce) spoke a language other than English in the home.  These numbers continue to rise and can create challenges for communication in the workplace as well as in social settings.  SpeechPros offers instruction that makes it possible for employees to interact more effectively with each together and with clients who have different expectations about how to communicate.  Some examples of behaviors addressed include eye contact and gaze, gestures, conversational turn-taking, roles of females and males, roles of supervisors and employees, conversational turn-taking and personal space.  These customized, focused workshops for employee groups are designed to:

  • increase effective communication and productivity of all employees in the workplace
  • increase workforce understanding of cultural impacts on communication expectations & success factors
  • define relevant cultural etiquette
  • teach employees how to leverage cross-cultural communication with co-workers and customers to positively impact revenues and relationships


Cross-cultural awareness training is also an integral part of most accent modification programs.



Education and Resource Development Package for Foreign Nationals

SpeechPros Consulting provides free educational workshops for groups of individuals who want to learn more about the benefits of accent modification training.  Topics include how to identify the existence of a communication problem related to accent, the course of training implemented by SpeechPros Consulting, and the results they can expect from customized training programs.  In addition, this course offers insight into how to advocate with an employer for the financial resources needed to obtain this training.  Easily implemented tips are also discussed to start attendees on the road to improving their community and workplace communication skills.


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